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Ежеквартальный научный журнал на испанском языке.Издается ИЛА РАН
ISSN 2075-9711 (Print)
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Quarterly peer reviewed scientific journal published in Spanish language by the Institute of Latin American Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ILA RAS)
ISSN 2075-9711 (Print)
ISSN 2076-8400 (Online)
Revista científica trimestral en español. Editada por el Instituto de Latinoamérica de la Academia de Ciencias de Rusia (ILA ACR)

Iberoamerica 2017 № 3

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            This issue is opened with an article by P.P. Yakovlev, who examines the crisis of the modern stage of globalization and its implications for Spain and Russia. The author concludes that the threats of this crisis for both countries create additional conditions for their political and economic interaction.

            The second section continues the innovation theme of the previous issue. In her article A.A Lavut for the first time in Russian and Latin American academic literature examines research and technology cooperation within the key regional and subregional groupings. An important benefit of the article by L.B. Nikolaeva is an analysis of innovation in extractive industries, where until recently the innovation implementation was overlooked. Based on the example of Brazil, the author demonstrates that advanced technologies could convert mining segment in one of economic growth drivers that is of particular importance for countries where the extractive industries are dominant.

            In the third section there're two articles of theoretical and philosophical content. The author of the first one Rafael G. Miranda proves the scientific, moral and political failure of the postulates of neoclassical economics school in modern conditions. He points out the necessity of development of new theories focused on the quality of human life. The author of the second article Antonio Delgado Garcia considers social identity through an applied sociology lens, illustrating his concept by specifics of Latin American countries.

  At the end of this issue there's a paper by two Brazilian authors: Elisandro dos Santos Santana y Jesus Ibañez Ojeda, who basing on public opinion polls carried out by corporation Latinobarometro made a comparative study of credibility level of MERCOSUR countries electorate towards political institutions and parties .

IBEROAMERICA No. 3, 2017 (July-September)



Petr P. Yakovlev. Globalization 3.0 and its impact on Spain and Russia



Anna А. Lavut. Regional integration and cooperation in the field of innovation development

Liudmila B. Nikolaeva. Innovation in the extractive industry. the brazilian experience



Rafael Gustavo Miranda Delgado. Critical Latin America economics. Philosophical, theoretical and empirical evidence

Antonio Delgado Garcia. Social identity approach in applied sociology



Elissandro dos Santos Santana, Jesus Ibañez Ojeda. Citizen trust in institutions and political parties in Latin America: a comparative analysis of the MERCOSUR countries